Niantic should learn Community Management from /r/TapTitans2

I’ve been playing Pokémon GO since it launched. In other words, I’ve been sharing the same information vacuum with millions of players for a while.

Recently, I picked up Tap Titans 2 and quite enjoyed it (as you can see by the number of guides in our TT2 section). As all newbies do when they get stuck on a Stage, I visited /r/TapTitans2 to bitch and moan about how unfair and difficult the game was. To my utter surprise, the subreddit was not a whine fest as I expected: it was a place where DEVs came to talk with the community.

The Book of Shadow Incident

Recently, TT2 devs made a mistake and the subreddit went bananas. If you’re not playing TT2s, let me break it down for you: they nerfed one of the core progression artifacts (BoS) to the ground.  And they did it silently, just like Niantic does it.

However, thanks to the power of common sense, they reached out to the community and fixed the issues. Two reddit threads come in mind:

Just look at that. Look at it. Enjoy the community management goodness. Respectful, in time, humble. That’s how you do Community Management (yes, capital CM)! And to give some perspective, it took them less than 12 hours to revert the change and bring smiles to everyone’s face.

The Cheating Incident

After the BoS incident got resolved,  a new problem emerged: players were obviously cheating the hell out in the ongoing TT2 Tournament. Again, instead of caving into shame and self loathing, the TT2 devs went full out and collected player feedback.

The result is this glorious announcement: Cheater Ban and New chest. Can you feel it? The power of good and healthy community? Mmmm. Of course, players noticed it and congratulated to TT2 devs.

You are what you say

It’s often said that “you are what you eat”. I’d argue that’s not true in modern gaming. You are what you say, or better: “your community is what you say”.

Places like TheSilphRoad are the reality of Pokémon GO’s lack of information and transparency. They are beautiful places, but still a sad reminder that we need an online research section to understand what the hell Niantic is doing with our favourite franchise.

Stay bitter, play better.

— Tony

Issues with Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run Guides

Gamers are not so happy about Super Mario Run.
Some users can’t even open the game at all.

Here’s what one user said on Nintendo’s forums:

hello, my question is : Why won’t The game open for me? I try and open it on my iPhone and it just closes right after. Can you please help me?

Other user KCJIMMY said following:

Super Mario Run Is crashing when trying to search for friends on Facebook

As a reminder, device requirements for Super Mario Run:

This game is compatible with the iPad Pro, the iPad Air, the 4th generation iPad, iPad mini 2 devices and up, the 6th generation iPod Touch, and iPhone 5 devices and up.

If your device doesn’t fall into this category, dont buy game,it wont work.

Have you bought Super Mario Run yet? Let us know!

Fake Super Mario Run apps for Android on Google Play

Super Mario Run Guides


we already reported that  fake Super Mario Run APKs flooded the internet. Now, there are even fake apps on the Google Play Store!

Remember, Super Mario Run is available for the iOS only at the moment and will be hitting the Google Play Store some time next year.  Don’t download any Super Mario apps thinking it will be the hottest new Super Mario Run app – it won’t.

The fakes Android apps include titles like Mario Run Jumper and Super Plumber Run, leading to more confusion.

Don’t fall for another type of scam either – there are also apps promising to download and install Super Mario Run to your Android device. These also won’t work.


There are several YouTube videos for Android version of Super Mario Run but BEWARE these are all fake. Stay safe until Nintendo releases Android version next year.

Source: CNET

Nintendos expectations to earn $60 million suddenly decreased.

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Fake Super Mario Run APKs for Android are flooding the Internet


be advised that a number of APK sites is offering fake Super Mario Run APKs. Super Mario Run has not yet been released on Android, nor it will be released until 2017.

Nintendo has confirmed that there is no APK for the game in the wild, nor it has been released.

Pages like and are offering fake APK subpages for the game with terminology ranking from “download now” and “the APK will be…”. Be careful, do not fall for these cheap tricks and avoid downloading anything related to Super Mario Run on Android.

The same goes for the flood of apps that is currently on Google Play. Apps like “Super Mario Run Guide” are not real apps for the game, as there is nothing to play yet.

Stay safe and game better!

Nintendos expectations to earn $60 million suddenly decreased.

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Lords Mobile Master Guide and Essential Guides added!


you will find that our Lords Mobile hub now contains two new sections:

  • Essential Guides
  • Master Guide

Both guide sections are collected and credit to various IGG Forum members, mostly veteran Lords Mobile players, statisticians and analysts.

Good luck and enjoy the guides!