Fire Emblem Heroes Tier List

Tier Champion Hard Counters (in top 10) Hard Countered by (in the top 10)
S Linde Everyone but Hector Kagero, Takumi (+ATK), Hector, Camilla
S Kagero* Linde, Azura, Takumi, Nowi (with +ATK), Olivia Hector
S Lucina Nowi, Hector Linde (+ATK/SPD)
A+ Nowi Lucina, Hector, Marth
A+ Olivia
A+ Azura Lucina, Marth
A Takumi Linde (with +ATK) Robin, Linde, Kagero, Hector
A Robin Takumi Linde, Hector
A Marth Nowi, Hector Linde
A Hector** Linde, Robin, Takumi, Kagero, Nowi Lucina (+ATK)
B Catria Lucina, Marth Takumi, Linde, Hector
B Ryoma Hector Linde (+SPD)
B Corrin-F Lucina, Marth Linde, Hector
B Abel Lucina, Marth Linde, Hector
B- Lyn Hector Linde (+SPD), Catria with special up
B- Roy Hector Linde
B- Tiki Hector Lucina, Marth, Linde
C Cordelia Lucina, Marth Takumi, Hector
C Lilina Takumi, Lucina, Marth, Linde, Nowi, Kagero, Takumi
C Camilla Robin (with +ATK), Linde, Nowi Lucina, Marth,Takumi