10 steps to have the highest BR possible in Legacy of Discord: Furious Wings

Battle rating (BR) is one of the most important thing in this game, if not the most important. You are probably wondering by now how do i get stronger, how do I get the most BR? 

Participating in Plunder 3 times a day will definitely speed up your leveling and will also give you the chance to win wing fragments after killing the boss, but there is a plethora of other methods to farm BR!


The most important thing is to join a good guild. The better the guild the better is your chance to win items including your BR stats. Your chance to collect fuse material for your equipment is much higher than playing without joining the guild.


Leveling up your equipment is always the number one priority, after finding a Guild. To improve your Equipment you can Enhance, Refine, Augment, Reforge, Socket and Enchant. But it’s not only the amount of upgrades that matters – how you upgrade your equipment is also really important!

  • Enhance all of your equipment to max level one by one. Next enhancement level becomes available when your Character level increases.
  • Refine all of your equipment level by level. Remember that refining your equipment at the same level will result in a REFINE BONUS. You will also get a bonus every 5 levels for each part of the equipment.
    • You can get Refining Stone and recipes from Dungeons or Arcanity shop.
  • Augment all of your equipment level by level, augmenting your equipment at the same level as you are will result in AUGMENT BONUS. Augment stone is used for augmenting equipment. You can get Augment stones via
    • Mystic Chests,
    • Plunder,
    • Guild shop,
    • Guild pet,
    • Guild worship.
  • Reforge equipment into weapons, rings or necklaces to make your attack significantly more powerful. To reforge your equipment you need to find Reforging stones. You can find it in:
    • Diamond shop,
    • Obsidian shop,
    • City Defense
  • Socket your equipment with GEMs, but do it one by one. Try to keep it balanced too. You can get GEMs and GEM Fragments from Elite stage.
  • Enchant all of your equipment, maximize the number of flame to get ENCHANT BONUS. You can get enchant stones from Resource dungeon.


Skills are what makes your hero worth in fights. You can manage them in Active, Totem, Runes and Talents tabs. If you upgrade them more you will become more powerful meaning you will have more BR.

  • Make sure all of your Active skills are the same level as you are.
  • Totems also help you increase your stats.
  • Runes increase your attack and element attacks only. You can get runes and rune fragments from runic realm.
  • Talents give very good BR and stats. They give you pretty much everything. You can acquire seal from Alchemy stones.


Clearing up the chapters will level up your character. When you complete a chapter you will receive gifts that help you increasing your BR. Adventures are a source for basically everything in the game.

Tower of Eternity that will get you Eternum, Runic Realm that will get you Runes, Scenario that will get you stones and relics, Gold Dungeon, Ex Dungeon, City Defense for Reforging stone are just some of them. Finish them all and you’re set.


With every pet you activate you will upgrade your BR. Focus on one pet at the time. Once you’ve activated a pet, collect all the pet stone and boosting stone from rebirthing another pet.

They always stick with you and will help greatly in battles. You can get pet stones and boost from Wild Soul shop and Resource dungeon. Acquire Wild Soul from Ice Fire Field.


Wrathwings are very important, not only for increased BR, but for the game and game play itself. After all, the game is called Legacy of Discord: Furious Wings. You can get Raging souls from Plunder arena and Resource dungeon.


Blitz is the fastest way to finish some of the adventures like Tower of Eternity, Runic Realm, Heroes trial and City Defense. Be aware that Blitz also consumes Stamina.


Every chapter you complete, you get stars. Activate and level up revelation to unlock some of the privileges using those stars.

9. VIP

Let’s be honest for a second, shall we. No one likes to pay for stuff, but you really should consider upgrading to a VIP player as this means you will increase your BR as fast as it is possible.

Best way to do that is to be VIP15 from the start. It will help in the long run with farming, provides a lot of privileges and speeds up activation of Wrathwings.


Complete your daily tasks to level up your character and to receive some gold and diamonds.