Legacy of Discord: Furious Wings Beginners Guide

Battle Rating explained

Battle Rating in Legacy of Discord is your main indicator of power. Higher BR indicates a stronger character and every action you take is geared towards increasing BR.

Various actions increase your Battle Rating:

  • Leveling up your gear
  • Getting better gear
  • Enchanting, upgrading, fusing and reforging your gear
  • etc…

Equipment and Equipment Ranks

Equipment is a common concept present in all RPG games, giving you more damage, defense or spell power. In Legacy of Discord, equipment is the core concept you are looking for.

Equipment has Ranks, which determine the type of Equipment you have. Higher rank indicates better equipment.

The initial set of gear you get will be Rank 1 (R.1). As you evolve your character, you will gain new equipment, through a number of in game mechanisms:

  • Fusion – enables crafting higher Rank gear,
  • Mystery Chest,
  • Plunder,
  • Tower of Eternity


Plunder is a PvP map, dedicated to real time combat against other players. In Plunder you battle other players, fight various Bosses and collect Chests. As the map is usually dominated by Guilds, it’s advised to enter it with a group of guildies and not on your own.

There are three Daily Events in Plunder map every day starting at:

  • 13:00,
  • 16:00,
  • 20:00

When a Daily Event starts, the game will spawn several boxes that can be opened for items. These Chests can be opened by anyone, but are often heavily contested. Besides Chests, there are map Bosses scattered throughout Plunder.

Defeating Bosses and collecting Chests rewards you with items.


The player that manages to land the last attack (killing blow) on a Boss in Plunder, gets extra item rewards. It’s always good to try to land the final blow!


Wrath wings, besides making your character look amazing, provide BR and various stat bonuses. They are an important concept in game, as you spend Honor and Wing fragments to unlock and improve them.

Various wings do stack even when they are not equipped.


Arena is an ingame area where you challenge other players for 1 on 1 duels. The combat is not real time and is automatically played by the game. Winning an Arena battle will reward you with Honor and Raging Souls.

Defeating players, in the Arena improves your PvP rank. The game rewards all PvP players with Daily Prizes at 22:00. Always aim to be in at least the first 10 000 ranked players for the improved Daily reward.

Arena PvP prizes include:

  • Raging Souls
  • Diamonds
  • Honor


Pets have almost the same function as the Wrathwings, albeit a bit less visually appealing. They help you in battles, provide increased attributes and enable you to further customize your character. There are several Pets that you can acquire during the game.