Legacy of Discord Ice Fire Field Strategy Guide

The main objective in Ice Fire field is to destroy the enemy crystal. Doing so will reward the group with 3000 Wild Souls (Win 1500,  Lose 750). The Ice Fire field is a 5v5 Cross Server scenario, with very low margin for error.

Our suggestion is that you bring Guild Mates to avoid players going AFK. This strategy guide is a good base to start your Ice Fire conquest but as always, your mileage may vary.

Here are the tasks for each Team Member:

Member #1

Member #1 should be the strongest team member. Go forward, take the farthest crystal portal and defend it until the boss is summoned. You always go for the opposite portal:

  • if your team is Fire, go Ice crystal portal
  • if your team is Ice, go Fire portal

Member #2

Member #2 can be anyone, no matter of their power and BR. Take the portal nearest to your base. This means you will be defending the same type portal:

The objective of Members #1 and #2 is to defend portal until boss is summoned at 100%. Remember, boss summoning will not start if only 1 team member is occupying a portal. This is why 1 Memeber should stand on Ice and another 1 on Fire portal.

Member #3

Your objective is to kill at least 6 mobs for Divination. When the divination bar is full (6/6) go to NPC James in the middle of the map for divination.

Divination gives random buffs. the most valuable is the instant Crystal destruction, but remember that the buff is random. This means it can destroy the enemy or your own portal.

Other buffs include reducing Crystal HP to 25% or 50%, instant kills, ATK or DEF buffs, Summon boss or Summon scion, etc….

Member #4

Just defend the crystal. The true action is taking place elsewhere. You should always send your weakest team member here.

Member #5

The fifth element of your team serves as a support/ substitute for low HP members. This player is either the one defending the crystal or the portals.

When your team summons a boss, make sure everyone starts DPSing the enemy crystal. Once the boss dies, repeat the same steps again until you successfully destroy enemy crystal.

Happy hunting!