Sorceresses Guide in Legacy of Discord

Sorceress in Legacy of Discord: Furious Wings

Sorceress is one of the three playable classes in LoD: FW and it’s also probably the hardest class to master. With her plethora of AoE clearing skills, but low HP and DEF values, Sorceress can be played as a monster DPS dealer or as a Semi-Tanky survivalist.

We recommend playing her as a monster DPS dealer and using your own skills and wits to navigate around the battlefield. Sadly, out of all three classes, Sorceress benefits the least from using Auto Play.

Sorceress skill overview

The key to playing a good Sorceress is understanding how her skills work together. You have 4 skills on your disposal, with each of them fitting a purpose. Here’s a chart depicting the skill damage output:

Skill CD Damage % Crit chance Add. damage
Dance of Ice 10s 80% 15% 184
Ice Dragon’s Roar 15s 120% 20% 347
Frost Vortex 24s 150% 25% 398
Angelic Realm 250% 30% 625

All skill values in the chart are based on Level 20 skill levels. The skills grow on a similar pace, so the relative difference is relevant even on end game skill levels.

Let’s dive into each one of them.

Dance of Ice

Dance of Ice (DoI) is a slowly growing DPS generator for the Sorceress, starting as a pretty weak spell that ramps up significantly. The obvious benefit of Dance of Ice is the fact it teleports you to the nearest enemy, when possible. DoI has some interesting properties:

  • Low mana cost and cooldown duration
  • Low damage output
  • Low critical chance

Ice Dragon’s Roar

Summon an ice dragon to attack your enemies in a line in front of you, dealing waste and high elemental damage. Your dragon travels fast and is easy to miss, but the spell rewards you with high damage output and a rather short cooldown.

Useful for “defend the portal” and general defensive missions and scenarios that happen in game.

We always recommend prioritizing Ice Dragon’s Roar over Dance of Ice, as you you gain a lot more damage and versatility with IDR than you do with DoI.

Frost Vortex

Frost Vortex is a rather lackluster spell for a high end sorceress, as it’s radius is not large enough to compensate for it’s low DPS gain. We were quite surprised to see Ice Dragon’s Roar outperform FV even in AoE scenarios.

As AoE plays a large role in farming and grinding, Frost Vortex is undoubtedly going to be a popular spell, but please be aware: you gain more DPS per level with Ice Dragon’s Roar than with Frost Vortex.

Angelic Realm

Not much to say here, honestly. Angelic Realm is your ultimate ability that’s fueled with Rage. It’s a must have, and compared to other class ultimates, it’s not far off.

We are currently researching the random BR increase you gain while using AR, but we still have no conclusive evidence to report. Only the  fact that you do temporarily gain BR once you use it.

Use it as often as possible and don’t forget to activate it if you’re playing manually.