Super Mario Run Kingdom Builder Guide

Super Mario Run Kingdom Builder

The Kingdom Builder is an important aspect of Super Mario Run, as it allows unlocking several important characters: Luigi, Peach, Toad, Toadette and Yoshi.

The main mechanism for building your Kingdom is collecting Coins in World Tour and Toad Rally.  Interestingly, there is no limitations in Kingdom Builder for players using the free version.

You can advance your Kingdom in several ways:

  • purchase buildings
  • increase Tod population
  • unlock story characters

Unlocking characters in Kingdom Builder

There are certain special buildings that can be built and actions that can be performed in the Kingdom Builder that unlock new characters.

Character Unlock
Luigi Build Luigi’s house in Kingdom Builder.
Peach Rescue Peach from Bowser’s Castle
Toad Link a Nintendo Account in Kingdom Builder
Toadette Build Toadette’s house in Kingdom Builder
Yoshi Build Yoshi’s House in Kingdom Builder

Kingdom Builder Resources


Coins are the main currency of every Mario game and this time they’re also the main currency of the Kingdom Builder tool. You can collect Coins through the World Tour or the Toad Rally.

Make sure you always stock up on Coins, as they’re the primary resource for buying buildings and items.


Toads are special rewards gained in Toad Rally exclusively. You need to increase your Toad population in order to unlock new items and buildings in the shop.

There are 5 types of Toads – for many buildings you will need to have a certain number of each type of Toad.

Kingdom Builder Buildings and Decorations


Building Required Coins
Red Toad House 300
Green Toad House 300
Blue Toad House 300
Red Pipe 300
Blue Pipe 300
Green Pipe 300

Special Buildings

Building Required Coins
Rainbow 0
Half-Block 500
Full-Block 500
Mushroom House (Hoshi) Unknown
Mushroom House (Blue Star) 500
Mushroom House (Yellow Star) 1800
Luigi’s House 1000


Decoration Required Coins
Blue Hill Pair 300
Yellow Flower Patch 200
Blue Mushroom 200
Green Hill 200
Little Red Mushrooms 200
Fence 300
Grass 300
Green Mushroom 400
Flag 500
Acorn Bush 500
Block 500
Mushroom Block 1500
Question Block 1500
Staircase 1500