Tap Titans 2 Complete Artifact Tier List

Artifacts in Tap Titans 2 enable you to even further customize your character and push further, faster and easier. As artifacts can significantly power up or improve your game play, we divided Artifacts in several Tiers:

  • Tier A – the best in game Artifacts, giving Skill and Equipment Points and overall helping you the most in your tapping quest.
  • Tier B – almost as good as Tier A, but not that good
  • Tier C – good bonuses or good damage bonus, but not quite powerful enough later on
  • Tier D – a bit less powerful than Tier C
  • Tier E – useless, bad damage bonuses, broken and don’t use them
Tier Artifact Effect
A Book of Shadows Increase relics from Prestige
A Heroic Shield Increase Boss Gold
A Axe of Muerte Increases Crit Chance, high AD
A Furies Bow Increases Pet Damage
A Fruit of Eden Increases melee Hero Damage
A Charm of the Ancient Increases spell Hero Damage
B Parchment of Foresight Increases Warcry effect
B Aegis Increases Warcry duration
B Bringer of Ragnarok Improves Fire Sword effect
B Glacial Axe Improves Fire Sword duration
B Hero’s Blade Adds Helmet bonus
B Lethe Water Adds Weapon bonus
B Blade of Damocles Increases all Hero Damage
B The Sword of Storms Increases ranged Hero Damage
B Heavenly Sword Increases  All artifact damage
C Staff of Radiance Reduces Hero Cost
C Book of Prophecy Increases Gold gain
C Invader’s Shield Good AD
C Divine Retribution Increases All Damage
C Forbidden Scroll Increases Critical Strike duration, good AD
C Ring of Fealty Increases HoM duration, good AD
C Swamp Gauntlet Increases Shadow Clone duration, good AD
C Helmet of Madness Adds Chest equipment bonus
C Amethyst Staff Adds Slash equipment bonus
D The Arcana Cloak Reduces Warcry cost
D Oak Staff Reduces Fire Sword cost
D Titan’s Mask Improves Heavenly Strike effect
D Laborer’s Pendant Improves HoM effect
D Elixir of Eden Improves Shadow Clone effect
D Stone of the Valrunes Increases Titan Gold gain
D Egg of Fortune Increases Chesterson chance
D Chest of Contentment Increases Chesterson gold
E Hunter’s Ointment Reduces Shadow Clone cost
E Titan Spear Reduces HoM cost
E Infinity Pendulum Reduces Heavenly Strike cost
E Glove of Kuma Reduces Critical Strike cost
E Drunken Hammer Increases tap damage
E Divine Chalice Increases the chance for 10x gold