Complete Tap Titans 2 Pet Guide

Pets are an important new mechanic introduced in Tap Titans 2. There are several different pets in Tap Titans 2, each with their unique abilities and passive bonuses.

As pets are a huge part of the game, we dedicated a big part this guide to understanding various pet mechanics and damage dealing modifiers.

Pets overview

As already stated, Pets are always useful, especially after they reach Level 5. You will always want the most important ones as high as possible.

Pet Increases Comment
Nova &
All damage dealt Buy a level for 25 Diamonds in the Shop
& Toto
All Heroes damage A great general purpose pet, but bested by having 3 separate Level 5+ Pets for spell, melee and ranged
Bubbles Polly All Gold gain Always try to have one as high as possible!
Fluffers Mana regeneration Great for pushing faster!
Hamy &
Tap Damage Important for early stages, but loses appeal as you advance to 200+ stages
Kit Splash Damage Incredible pet for getting fast Prestige, as it enables to kill multiple Titans with splash damage.
Cerberus, Basky, Harker, Zero, Scraps, Mousy Various Hero Type Damage A substitute for Tempest and Toto, with slightly higher bonuses per level

Depending on your current Stage, you will mix and match between pets a lot.

In general, always try to improve your important pets for 25 Diamonds in the store and focus on the Pets that improve your current build.


Our favorites  are Kit and Bubbles/Polly, as they reduce the grind and improve our pushing strategies. We stopped focusing on Hamy and Phobos around stage 230 as other Pets and Heroes provided more damage.

About Pets

Every Pet is useful in it’s unique way. Pets attack every 20 Taps and the damage of this attack is a multiple of your Tap Damage. When you reach 500 Total Pet Levels, they will start auto attacking.

Pets have levels, which are increased by opening eggs. Opening Pet eggs can also give you a new Pet.

Pets provide active or passive bonuses, but you need to reach Level 5 with a pet in order to obtain a passive bonus. Once a pet hits level 5, you will receive its passive bonus when it is not active. The passive bonus is a percentage of its active bonus, as well as a bonus to pet damage.


Getting as many pets as possible to at least level 5 is very important as your pet damage will start to become a main source of your damage starting around stage 550

Pet damage mechanics

As you probably know by this point, Pets in Tap Titans 2 can do three things:

  • provide passive or active bonuses
    • pets receive a passive bonus once they hit Level 5
  • perform a lighting attack every 20 Taps
    • auto attack once you reach 500 Pet levels
  • provide sustainable damage source in later stages

The damage your pet deals is affected by several in game attributes and factors:

Factor Effect
Pet Damage Multiplier Higher pet level will result in a higher multiplier
Other Pets passive damage multipliers As your pets hit Level 5, they will start providing passive bonuses
Your Tap Damage Sword Master damage + 0.1% from every Hero you have recruited
Your Critical strike chance and damage bonuses Every bonus modifier you obtain works for your pet also
Equipment bonuses Several pieces of Equipment provide Pet Damage Multipliers
Furies Bow bonus

All Tap Titan 2 Pets with Stats

In addition to the detailed explanation above, here’s a handy chart with all of the in game pets and their stats.

Pet Base Damage DI/L (1-40) DI/L (40-80) DI/L (80+) Bonus Type Base Bonus BI/L
Basky 600% 150% 140% 60% Melee Hero Damage x1 0.2
Bubbles 300% 180% 90% 50% All Gold x1 0.1
Cerberus 300% 200% 100% 40% Melee Hero Damage x1 0.2
Demos 600% 150% 140% 75% All Damage x1 0.1
Fluffers 400% 180% 160% 35% Mana Regen +0.0 0.05
Hamy 100% 220% 80% 40% Tap Damage x1 1
Harker 300% 220% 80% 60% Spell Hero Damage x1 0.2
Kit 200% 200% 60% 70% Splash Damage +0.01 0.002
Mousy 800% 150% 130% 55% Ranged Hero Damage x1 0.2
Nova 300% 170% 140% 30% All Damage x1 0.1
Phobos 400% 160% 120% 73% Tap Damage x1 1
Polly 500% 195% 70% 60% All Gold x1 0.1
Scraps 300% 220% 40% 73% Ranged Hero Damage x1 0.2
Tempest 700% 160% 120% 25% All Hero Damage x1 0.15
Toto 100% 200% 80% 50% All Hero Damage x1 0.15
Zero 500% 180% 120% 45% Spell Hero Damage x1 0.2