Tap Titans 2 Hand of Midas Guide

Hand of Midas is one of the most important progression and gold farming skills in Tap Titans 2. It’s versatility and “make it rain” potential is essential to any seasoned player.

Popular combo includes activating the Hand of Midas with your Flame Sword and progressing through ludicrous amount of Stages with ease. However, we advise highly against it, as that Mana you spend could be better converted into another charge of Midas!

Hand of Midas Facts

  • When you use Hand of Midas, the gold will be calculated off the stage and monster you used it on and stay the same throughout the whole process.
    • Yes this means if you use HoM on a Boss, you will earn significantly more than using it elsewhere! 🙂
  • Hand of Midas from Fairy can be postponed, just leave the notification there until your Heroes move you to a Stage that ends with 5 or 0
  • The perfect Midas money making combo starts at a stage that ends in 5 or 0 and looks like this:
    • Activate Hand of Midas
    • Fight your way through 95 – 100 – 105
    • Re-activate Hand of Midas even if you’re stuck
    • You take down 2 mini bosses and a Stage boss!

Usage of gold making Pets with Midas is also highly advised, as a good Gold improving Pet can result in big improvements of Midas usage. Check our Pet guide for reference and just make sure to bring Midas with you.

Gold Formulas in Tap Titans 2

These formulas are important to understand as they help you figure out how and when Midas can be most effective:

Attributes Formula
Base gold MonsterHP * 0.008 + 0.0002 * min(stage, 150) * GoldBonus
Titan gold BaseGold * TitansGoldBonus
Boss gold BaseGold * max(3, min(1, (stage – 5) / 5 * 0.2)) * BossesGoldBonus

When not to use Hand of Midas?

A common misconception for new players is that Hand of Midas should be used on “cooldown”, similar to the same name item in DOTA and DOTA2.

That is not correct for Tap Titans 2, as you need to carefully plan your Hand of Midas usage, conserve mana for difficult combos and overall be much more careful than just blindly spamming it.

A few tips:

  • Use your Mana for Hand of Midas on easier bosses and use it every day
  • Hand of Midas should never be forgotten on Stage Bosses (Stages ending in 0), as they yield a lot of gold