Tap Titans 2 Heroes Chart and Abilities

Heroes in Tap Titans 2 play a key role in advancing your future progression and later on stages. Around the Stage 200, you are no longer able to deal as much damage via tapping as your Heroes can do passively.

This chart lists all of 37 available Heroes.

Tap Titans 2 Hero Chart

# Hero Damage Type Initial Cost
1. Maya Muerta the Watcher Spell 30.00
2. Zato the Blind Staff Master Melee 180.00
3. Sophia, Champion of Swords Melee 800.00
4. Lance, Knight of Cobalt Steel Melee 4.0000E+03
5. Pingo of the Tori Ranged 2.8000E+04
6. Rosabella Bonnie Archer Ranged 2.2400E+05
7. Gulbrand the Destroyer Melee 2.6880E+06
8. Captain Davey Cannon Ranged 2.1504E+07
9. Rhys Mage of Order Evetga Melee 2.3654E+08
10. Kronus, Bringer of Judgement Spell 1.8924E+09
11. Cosette, Jewel of House Sabre Melee 9.4618E+09
12. Kiki the Dragon Rider Spell 8.5156E+10
13. Maddie, Shadow Thief Ranged 8.5156E+11
14. Beany Sprout the 1st Spell 1.5328E+13
15. Sawyer the Wild Gunslinger Ranged 1.8394E+14
16. Lil’ Ursa Spell 1.6787E+15
17. Saje the Garden Keeper Ranged 2.3109E+16
18. Wally Wat the Magician Spell 7.9191E+17
19. Jayce the Ruthless Cutter Melee 2.5555E+19
20. The Great Pharaoh Spell 1.3111E+21
21. Boomoh Doctor Melee 1.9667E+22
22. Dex-1000 Ranged 1.7700E+24
23. The Great Madame Cass Spell 3.5400E+26
24. Lala Quickshot Ranged 1.4160E+29
25. Aya the Lightning Violet Melee 1.5576E+32
26. Lady Lucy the Night Caster Spell 6.8534E+36
27. Jazz Rockerfellow Spell 2.4124E+43
28. Maple the Autumn Guardian Melee 6.7933E+51
29. Kin the Puffy Beast Ranged 1.5304E+61
30. Princess Titania of Fay Spell 2.7581E+72
31. Miki the Graceful Dancer Ranged 3.9767E+84
32. Mina the Priestess of Light Spell 4.5868E+96
33. Yzafa the Fearsome Bandit Melee 2.6453E+108
34. Zolom Blaster, Space Hunter Ranged 7.6279E+122
35. Finn the Funny Guard Ranged 1.0000E+140
36. Nohni the Spearit Melee 1.0000E+140
37. Damon of the Darkness Spell 1.0000E+140

How Hero DPS and Cost is Calculated?

A few formulas were successfully extracted from the game files and shed some light on Hero DPS and efficiency. Here you go:

Attributes Formula
Hero DPS PurchaseCost / 10 * (1-23/1000*min(HeroUnlockOrder, 34))min(HeroUnlockOrder,34) * HeroLevel * ImprovementBonus * TypeBonus * AllDamageBonus * AllHeroesDamageBonus * (1 + WeaponDamage)
Hero cost PurchaseCost * 1.082CurrentLevel * (1.082HowManyLevelsToBuy – 1) / 0.82 * (1 – HeroCostMultiplier)

A short explanation is in order. As you can read out from the Hero DPS formula, the game chooses the minimum value between 34 and unlock order of a new Hero, meaning that unlocking Heroes after 34th is less and less efficient!

Hero Level, Type Bonuses and other improvements for your Heroes are all equally weighted, meaning you should always go for the cheaper option that provides the biggest numerical increase. Unlike previous hints, modifiers like Hero Level and Type Bonus are not more or less efficient in the formula.

Keep in mind that all of the formulas are multiplicative, enabling you to easily estimate the value of certain updates.


In addition to multipliers you may find on equipment and elsewhere, the game awards you bonus Hero level multipliers when you unlock certain levels. These are considered to be key points in leveling every Hero. Check them out here.


The game files also feature an interesting constant that relates to Heroes: Hero Evolution DMG Multiplier. Every time your Hero evolves, the Damage Multiplier is increased by 100.

Heroes evolve damage multiplier 100