Tap Titans 2 Skills Guide: You are better than Heavenly Strike!

The Skill system has been completely revamped in Tap Titans 2. Instead of having skills with a shared individual cooldown, you have a mana pool and all skills have a mana cost for using.

Using a skill results in spending Mana. Luckily, Mana regenerates over time, at a base rate of 2 Mana per minute. This can be increased by certain heroes and by Pets.

Tap Titans 2 Skills Overview

Skill Level Req. Skill Effect Skill Comment
Heavenly Strike 100 Deals a burst of damage Useless skill that costs to much Mana for it’s effect. Save your Mana for other skills.
Critical Strike 200 Increases your critical chance for a set duration Same comment as Heavenly Strike – not very useful when compared to other skills
Hand of Midas 300 Gives gold per Tap Amazing farming skill and main source of gold during early game! Always us on Stage Bosses and Mini Bosses!
Flame Sword 400 Multiplies your tap damage Unlike Heavenly Strike, Flame sword MULTIPLIES your damage, making it the bread and butter progression tool after Stage 300
Warcry 500 Increases your Heroes’ attack speed Amazing skill for the time when your recruited Heroes start dealing more damage than you
Shadow Clone 600 Summons a clone which deals X times your tap damage every second. Rather useless, another Damage dealing ability that can’t match the Flame Sword and Warcry

As you can see, the Skills in Tap Titans 2 are rather hit or miss. Some Skills you get early on, like Hand of Midas, are going to be your bread and butter for hundreds of stages to come.

Some very flashy skills, like Critical Strike, are actually quite lackluster, especially when you start hitting Stages 550+, where your Heroes deal a lot more damage than your taping does.


Please keep in mind that this does not mean you should not use Heavenly Strike or Critical Strike while you don’t have access to Flame Sword.  If you’re stuck on a Boss and you don’t have access to higher tier skills, spend your Mana according to your estimate.