Stuck at a stage in Tap Titans 2?

Following the well established formula from the original Tap Titans, you are eventually going to be stuck at a certain Stage. It is expected and you really shouldn’t be surprised or sad when it happens.

Tap Titans 2 is all about progress, slow painful, finger tapping progress. So, what should you do when you’re stuck?

What to do when stuck?

Our first advice is to take it slow and take your time to understand why you are stuck. Often, a few well placed upgrades can get you through. A big number of players focus heavily on Tap Damage in the beginning, as the game is called Tap Titans.

You may be surprised, but in the later on Stages, your Taps will be easily outperformed by your Heroes. Heroes and Pets are the core of your DPS, and efficiently leveling them up is essential for progress.

Our Heroes overview guide explains how Hero DPS is calculated and what goes in making them so powerful . Advanced players and min-max fans can study the Hero Level Up Bonus rewards also and plan accordingly.

Should I Prestige when I get stuck?

It depends. Obviously, Prestiging gives you Relics, however everything else will be reset. Your stage progress, unlocked heroes, skills and gold. Be very careful when deciding this, as often you can spend a day or two farming Gold and upgrading and save that Prestige for better days.

This is what you retain when you Prestige, remember that everything else is lost!

  • Relics already gained and Relics to-be-gained
  • Artifacts
  • Diamonds
  • Weapon Upgrades and Weapon Sets
  • Player Equipment
  • Pets
  • Perks
  • Clan Crates

If you’re low on Gold check out our Hand of Midas guide and spend some time farming the next level of upgrades.

Commonly, people get stuck at stages ending in 8,9 and 0, as Titan and Boss health reaches maximum at those Stages.