Tap Titans 2 Gold Explained

After being stuck on a stage for a while, we realized we  need a lot of gold to advance. Evidently, Gold is very important in TT2 so it’s worth exploring the mechanics behind it. Here’s what we’ve discovered.


All player specific gold multipliers were set to 1.
Titans HP = 17.5 * 1.39min(stage,115) * 1.13max(stage-115,0)
Bosses HP = Constant * TitansHP * min(2.5, 1.1stage / 200)
Base gold = MonsterHP * 0.008 + 0.0002 * min(stage, 150) * GoldBonus
Titans gold = BaseGold * TitansGoldBonus
Bosses gold = BaseGold * 3 * BossesGoldBonus

The constant is 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 for stages x1, x2, x3, x4, x5, x6, x7, x8, x9, x0. For example, on stage 461 the constant is 2, where on stage 465 the constant is 8.

Fact #1: Gold per stage scales exponentially

We’ve developed the formulas over 600 stages and found that Gold gain scales exponentially, both for Titan and Boss gold. Interestingly, the same phenomena is observed for every part of the data.

This lead us to conclude that it’s always worth pushing further, no matter of your current progression. You can’t never earn more money on a previous stage than you can on the next one.

Here’s a graph showing the stage Gold growth:

Tap Titans 2 Boss and Titan gold comparison

Tap Titans 2 Boss and Titan gold comparison

Wait, why is the Boss gold so jerky and Titan gold line is so smooth? We’ve wondered the same thing, so we took a closer look inside every stage.

Fact #2: Boss Gold gain inside one stage is highest at 5 and 10 monster, Titan gold inside one stage scales normally

After observing the way Boss gold line was drawn, we zoomed in on one stage to see what’s really going on.

As it turns out, your Boss gold is at it’s highest during your end stage encounter (290, 300, 310…) and at it’s second highest during your mid Stage encounter (295, 305, 315, etc…).

Also, the mid stage high is always bigger than the previous stage end.

Here’s how the data looks like when visualized:

Tap Titans 2 Gold inside Stage

Tap Titans 2 Gold inside Stage

This graph lead to a few conclusions. First and foremost, you should only ever use Hand of Midas on Stages ending in 5 and 0. There is no validation for any other type of use, as it’s mistaken.

Second, you must be aware that if you use HoM on a stage ending in 0, you are loosing around 30-40% of potential income if you used it on the next stage ending in 5.

Third, you should always try to go AFK on a stage ending in 0. The Titan gold growth inside one stage is around 15%, meaning you should always progress as far as you can before going inactive.