Tips and Tricks for advanced Tap Titans 2 players


Like in TT1 there are perks, which you can purchase with diamonds and use to give various effects. They are:

  • Make It Rain: gives gold
  • Mana Potion: refills mana (like cooldown reset from TT1 except a flat 100 diamond cost)
  • Double Damage: Doubles all damage, tap, hero and pet for 8 hours.
  • Doom: Instantly kills the current titan.
  • Power of Swiping: Swipe to tap at max speed (20 taps per second) for 8 hours.
  • Clan Crate: Gives a crate which gives more gold than Make It Rain to everyone in your clan. Clans are a new mechanic that is about to be explained next.

The most useful perk is probably double damage, use it for pushing further in tournaments if you can spare the diamonds. You can also get free perks from tournament rewards or daily bonuses.


Clans are a new feature, where you can join a group of up to 50 players. The option to join or create a clan appears once you reach stage 70 I believe, someone correct me if I’m wrong. Once you join a clan, a ship will appear on your screen. This ship does 10x your hero DPS every 10 seconds. Joining a clan is incredibly important as this ship will help you immensely against bosses. It quite literally doubles your hero DPS.

There is also a Clan Boss, which you attack as a clan. You can fight it for 30 seconds every hour, or more often if you spend diamonds. The damage you do is the highest stage you’ve prestiged at, or 50, whichever is more. Once you defeat a clan boss, your clan damage multiplier will increase and a new boss will spawn after 6 hours. The Clan damage multiplier gives you a bonus to all damage which is quite significant. It’s important to help kill the clan bosses as much as you can.


The shop has three items which you can purchase with diamonds, and resets daily. Most of the time these will be pets, of which you can purchase 1 or sometimes 2 levels at a time. Most of your diamonds should be spent on purchasing pets as they’re very important.

The Fairy

Like in TT1 there is a fairy who comes along every so often and drops gold or gives you skills. If you watch an ad you can also get free Hand of Midas, 5 diamonds, gold, or a mana refill. Because of the possibility of mana refill it’s best to keep your mana low. However, mana refill is quite rare so it’s not a huge deal.

How to push stages

Push as far as you can without using skills. Skill only fire sword (if you have BoR) and you can use it whenever you’re at full mana to speed up this part a bit, but don’t skill anything else yet. This should be quite far, as with pet midas, you can farm gold on bosses, and pet zip helps you take down bosses that would otherwise be too strong. Remember to evolve all the early heroes and get Lala’s level 40 skill for more tap damage from heroes. Actually, upgrade Lala and Aya to 200 as soon as it’s reasonable as they give gold bonuses which are extremely helpful.

Once you can’t advance without using skills, skill warcry and use warcry + fire sword combo to push 5 stages to the next x5/x0 boss. Farm midas on that boss, by switching to mana regen pet, then when pet midas is up, switch to gold pet, fight the boss, midas, leave the boss fight, switch to mana regen. Keep doing this until you can either pass the boss without skills or you have enough mana for another fire sword + warcry. You can get in 3-4 pet zips depending on RNG so you might have to retry the boss fight a few times if pet zip doesn’t start early. Just fight/leave until it starts within the first 1 second.

Hopefully you’ll get some helpful equipment during the push.

Once you get 800, use the skill points to get 2 in Intimidating Presence, x4 for all hero types (since the next after Maple who you’ll use to get to 800 is ranged.) You’ll stop specialising and hopefully have the gear to make any hero type work after this point.