Tap Titans 2 Walkthrough for Stages 100 to 800

Strategy Guide

Your overall goal in Tap Titans 2 is to get to stage 800 as fast as possible, since that’s when you get access to an incredible skill: Intimidating Presence for -1 titans per stage, which increases your prestige speed substantially.


Take two levels in it once you hit 800 for -2. Combined with splash damage from a pet called Kit, this gives you 2 Titans + Boss per stage in the early levels.

1. The first Prestige

The first prestige is very hard, harder than TT1. It’ll take you 6-16 hours, possibly 4 hours if you use double damage. Your goal is to get to stage 106 and get your sword master to 600.

At Stage 106, you will receive 4 Relics once you Prestige, allowing you to buy 2 Artifacts straight of the bat.

During the initial 100-ish stages, focus on upgrading your Sword Master for tap damage, as Hero damage starts scaling better later on.

Don’t buy any skills until Fire Sword if you can. Buying a skill adds mana to your Mana Pool and skills like Heavenly Strike and Critical Chance are fairly useless.


Buying skills in bulk once Fire Sword becomes available enables you to use FS back to back and push further.

Additional advice for your first prestige includes using and understanding Hand of Midas properly. We wrote a full guide on HoM, but here’s the gist of it:

  • Hand of Midas locks in the amount of gold you get per tap based on the current monster you’re fighting when you activate it. Bosses give a lot more gold than normal titans, so activating it while fighting a boss locks in a much higher gold amount.

Use the money to upgrade your sword master. Any left over, buy heroes to get their skills, especially Sophia as she gives multipliers to tap damage.

Once you Prestige, use the newly acquired Relics to buy two Artifacts. Buy only one first, then salvage it if it’s not a high Artifact Tier. Salvaging Artifacts gets exponentially more expensive, so don’t hesitate to salvage!

With your first two skill points take Lightning Burst and Flash Zip.

2. Getting to 150

The core of this part of the guide is rushing to stages 116 and 136,  as you obtain a piece of equipment once you clear them.  You will want to prestige as soon as you hit 150 in order to get the “Stronger Arms” skill that doubles your Melee Hero damage.

Stage 135 is the break point where hero damage starts outdoing Sword Master tap damage. To get to 150 and beyond, you’ll be using mostly Hero based DPS and mostly Melee Heroes.

The ideal situation is to obtain this equipment at 116 and 136:

  • All Hero damage sword
  • Melee hero helmet

Calculating damage per coin

At this point, you will start thinking about your Hero investments. You usually want to level the highest hero you can afford to get to Level 310 – 370, stretching to 400 for the 4x Damage multiplier.

The heroes we prefer upgrading are “last tier heroes”, around 3-5 places back from the latest one you can afford. There is no official reasoning behind this, it’s just that all the multipliers start stacking up and future heroes are too costly.

At first this will likely be:

  • Rosabella Bonnie Archer
  • Gulbrand the Destroyer
  • Captain Davey Cannon
  • Rhys Mage of Order Evetga

You’ll have to get a feel for it yourself, do the calculations about what will be the best damage per gold.

3. Getting to 250 and then to 300

With your enhanced Melee hero damage, Gulbrand, Rhys and Cossette will be your main damage sources until 250. If you have multipliers for the other hero types you can use them too. The strategy is the same, level your Heroes to 370-400 and get the next hero.

Once you hit 200, take Pet: Heart of Midas. This will be your main source of gold from now on. Once you get 250, take Hyper Magic for Spell Hero damage. Spell heroes are the best from now on, although you can also do fine with ranged, but you need to take Hyper Magic for the ranged skill anyway.

250-300 is the first real “wall” as it will take you a few Prestige resets to get there unless you get some great equipment. All you can do is quick runs, buy new artifacts and upgrade your artifacts. Nothing smart to say here.

5. The slow grind: 300-400

300-400 is even slower than 250-300. Keep prestiging, buying new artifacts and upgrading, and pushing to the next equipment stage when you can. If you get something great, you can often keep going to the next equipment point. For skills, it now depends on what you have equipment for. In terms of getting to 550, you can do it with ranged, melee, or spell. Just specialise in one. Melee or spell are slightly better than ranged, with spell being the best overall. However you will do just fine with ranged in 300-500. You will likely have to respec your skills at least once (certainly once you get to 800) so save some diamonds for that.

Depending on your multipliers and the hero type you’re specialising in, it can become more efficient to level your latest hero rather than getting middle ones to 370. For example if you have a ton of melee you can possibly skip straight to Jayce. You’ll have to experiment with what works for you as it’s dependent on your individual gear, skills and artifacts.

From this point forward, Pet: Heart of Midas is your best tool for pushing your max stage. Consider upgrading it to level 2 since that basically doubles your gold gain. However if you really need another hero multiplier skill you can consider that instead (although I would take Heart of Midas level 2 over a third level in a hero multiplier skill.)

6. 400-550

Getting through this part really depends on your equipment RNG. If you get absolutely nothing, you’re kinda screwed. All you can do is prestige and upgrade artifacts, get your pet levels up, and try to push the next equipment point hoping for something great. At this stage depending on your pets, artifacts and equipment pet damage (so tapping) can come back into play, although for most people it won’t be until around 560 that you have to tap.

If you’re spell, Lady Lucy is more efficient to level as soon as you get her rather than focusing on getting Cass to 370.

The good thing is, once you can get to 550 you’re usually very close to being able to hit 800. Once you hit 550, respec your skills as follows:

  1. Pet: Lightning Burst level 1
  2. Pet: Heart of Midas level 2
  3. Pet: Flash Zip level 1
  4. Gold splitter level 1
  5. Stronger Arms level 2
  6. Hyper Magic level 2
  7. Pet Evolution level 1

With one spare skill point. You don’t need ranged damage as there are no ranged heroes until after 800.

Do maybe 2-5 more prestiges, upgrade your artifacts until you can comfortably hit 480 with minimal skill usage. Then, you’re (probably) ready for the push to 800! I recommend doing it during a tournament as then you’ll get something for pushing so far. The 800 push is going to take a while (12 hours +) but you’ll get there.

7. 550-800

You can do this all at once, once you have the skills as above and some OK equipment. Also, this is where the tier 1-2 artifacts come into play. If you have many of these, they’ll help a lot. Also helpful are spell hero damage artifact and helmet, melee hero damage artifact and helmet, all hero damage weapon, High level all hero damage pet (or high spell + melee pets), high level gold pet, high level mana regen pet. If you have all that you’ll be fine. If you don’t, you may have to grind a few more prestiges. Don’t feel bad about doing that though as even once you hit 800 your efficient prestige point is still going to be around 550 for a little while.

Key heroes:

  1. Lady Lucy (spell) at stage 440-450.
  2. Jazz (spell) at stage 560
  3. Maple (melee) at stage 700.

You want to buy the newest hero as soon as you can afford it as they each give way more damage than the previous.

Prestiging strategy

Use Kit (a Pet) in the beginning stages for splash damage. Splash damage lets a percentage of your overkill damage from the titan you’re fighting carry over to the next, and if it kills that one, the next, and so on. You can kill up to 4 titans in one hit with splash damage. Doing this speeds up early stages tremendously since if you’re killing 4 titans with one hit you’ve effectively reduced the titans per stage to 3. Switch to your damage pet when you stop one-shotting titans.

Don’t go to your max stage every time if you’re just farming relics. It gets very slow as you approach your max stage so instead, go to the highest stage you can without using any skills (maybe 1-2 midas) then warcry/firesword a few times. Remember not to buy any skills until you need the mana. Hold off on buying anything until HoM, and only buy it when you’re about to use it. Same with Fire Sword/Warcry.

Usually what I did was when things started slowing down, Hand of Midas on the closest x5/x0 boss. That usually got me at least 10 stages. Then buy Fire Sword, Hand of Midas again on an x0,x5 boss. Then once you slow down again, Fire Sword 2-3 times, upgrading heroes as you go for more DPS. It also helps a lot if you have Bringer of Ragnarok for Fire Sword effect. If you don’t have it, you may have better luck with just using warcry instead.

Buy warcry next, then you can use a little trick. When you warcry, your tap damage from heroes increases a lot (due to Kronus’ skill +0.1% Tap Damage From Heroes). Use warcry, then when there’s 1 second left use fire sword. Fire Sword keeps the increased damage from warcry for its entire duration, so you can speed through many stages using this combo. Buy Critical Strike, Heavenly Strike and Shadow Clone to recover mana. You should be able to get 3-4 warcry+fire sword combos, pushing you around 3-5 stages each. If you have the enhancer artifacts for Fire Sword and Warcry you’ll be able to get even more.