Champions & Challengers Tricks

Name Description
Banana Peel Drop this in an enemy space while
it’s attack to make it slip and fall.
Bird Cage Drops over an enemy all enemies will attacks it until its destroyed.
Cyclop’s Tears Heal up your heroes with some salty Cyclops tears.
Dark Orb Blast your enemy with shadowy Dark magic.
Gauntlet Slap Throw down the gauntlet! Smash your foes with Might damage.
Magic Wand Casts Magic damage on your enemies. Razmafoo!
Micro Microscope Drop some Science on these fools! Deals some Science damage on a character.
Molten Lava Lamp Burn baby burn! Lights up your enemies with Fire damage.
The Bomb Drop this on the battlefield to do maximum area damage. Boom!
Too Hot Sauce Toss this on an enemy to stop their Cooldown timer. So Spice!