Beginners guide to Crash of Cars

Crash of Cars  is a naively simple looking online game, created in the typical “.io game” fashion. You are instantly added to one of the real time arenas where a number of cars competes for Crowns.

Although it’s a simple game, it does require you to understand a number of concepts, familiarize with different weapons and use quick reflexes to avoid your opponents.

Here are some essential concepts to get you started:

  • Crowns – used for “purchasing” cars using the Gacha machine
  • Gacha machine – the machine that gives you a random car, modeled after the illegal Gacha system. Sounds dangerous, but it’s not.
  • Weapon Boxes – weapon boxes spawn randomly on the map, giving you temporary access to weapon bonuses
  • Life Bars – each car has Life Bars, marking the amount of hits you can take. Weapons deal increased damage than hits.
  • You take other players Crown after you “destroy” their car, but you still have to collect them
  • By pressing L + R you can go in reverse. Nice trick to get out of weird situations!
  • Falling into water or terrain holes will damage you

There are 30 Unlockable cars, with 4 Rarity categories:

  • Common
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary

Don’t be fooled! The Gacha machine favors vehicles of common rarity, so if you get a higher Tier vehicle, consider yourself lucky.

The system is “rigged” in the sense that it’s truly random – you can get anything from the machine, but a majority of players will get the “Common trash tier”.

This is no surprise, as many mobile games implement this system, most notable example being the Fire Emblem Heroes from Nintendo.