Breeding Elemental Dragons in Dragon City – How to

The important thing is to know how to breed Elemental dragons to understand why they
show up sometimes, but others don’t. This helps you plan your breeding of other dragons to
minimize the number of Elementals you get. This is especially important and confusing when
breeding the new Light and War dragons, which seem to return a lot of Archangels and War dragons!

Keep in mind that Elementals are most likely to be purchased as they are relativly cheap.
It’s best to find methods to obtain Light, War and Pure dragons as thay are expensive like their habitats. Elemental dragons can only be situated at habitats of their own element, so the price of the habitats matters alot.

Elemental Dragons Breeding Guide

Elemental dragons are one element dragons only purchaseable in the Build Menu.
Legend is the only element that isn’t shown as Elemental.
Others; Terra, Flame, Sea, Nature, Electric, Ice, Metal, Dark, Light, War, and Pure
are all available for purchase.

Elemental dragons are the base of the whole breeding story. They can’t breed together
if they are opposite element.

List of the opposite elements:

  • Terra is opposite of Metal
  • Flame is opposite of Ice
  • Sea is opposite of War
  • Nature is opposite of Electric
  • Light is opposite of Dark

Pure and Legend  do not have opposites.


1.) The most common way

If the element is present in both parents then the breeding is possible.
For example, Flaming Rock + Volcano could return Flame, Terra, Flaming Rock, or Volcano. Flame and Terra being Elementals.


2.) The Breeder Way

If a combination of elements from the parents results in no possible dragons, an Elemental can be returned.
It will be an Elemental corresponding to the element used in that specific combination.

For example, breeding Pure + War can result in no hybrid dragons as there is no dragon with both Pure and War elements. Instead, the game will return either Pure or War from that breeding pair. Split will be around 50:50.
Pure, War, and Light are the only Elementals that can be returned this way, as in every other possible breeding combination there is a valid result. (Currently, only Pure + War, and Pure + Light are missing.)