Breeding Hybrid Dragons in Dragon City – How To

Hybrid Dragons

Breedin Hybrids is alot easier than breeding Elementals.

To breed Hybrid dragons, simply ensure that the elements that make the Hybrid dragon are present in the parents, and that at least one of the elements can come from each parent.

That’s it for the normal type Hybrids, but not for the Rare Hybrids.
You can always use Elementals or any other dragon to breed Hybrids, but can’t use Elementals to breed Rare
Hybrids except in special cases.

Rare Hybrids

Rare Hybrids are dragons with 2 opposite elements.
Sea is opposite of War, meaning Elementals Sea and War can’t breed. This means that Leviathan is a Rare Hybrid.


Hybrid Parents(more used)

Opposite element dragons can be bred only if they are in Hybrids. For example, Flaming Rock (Terra, Flame) can breed with Platinum (Metal, Ice) even though Terra and Metal are opposite elements, and so are Flame and Ice. You can get the Rare Hybrids Soccer (Ice, Flame), Cool Fire (Flame, Ice), or Armadillo (Terra, Metal) from that combination. If you use Flaming Rock and Platinum when they’re both level 15 or higher, then you could also get Treasure (Metal, Terra) and Ice&Fire from that combo! This happens because Treasure and Ice&Fire are both Rare Hybrids and Level Exclusives.

With the Help of a Legend

This method can be used to breed Rare Hybrids with at least one Legend. This method is rarely used because everyone gets their Rare Hybrid before Legend. Usually dragons that are being bred this way are mistakes and not really wanted by players.

Except Leviathan. Even though Leviathan came to the game after many players already had Legends, players did breed Leviathan using a Legend.

Using a Legend and a Hybrid will get you Elementals, but who wants that really? 🙂