Hill Climb Racing 2 – The Ultimate Guide

The game that everyone knows now has a sequel.It’s Hill Climb Racing 2.

Addictive game but now in multiplayer. It’s out for a couple of weeks now and we love it.
And it’s proving to be a big hit, so be sure to read this guide to know everything on how to be the best player.

 –  Lock your win from the start

Watch you RPM meter. If you hold the throttle RPMs get higher, if you release it they get lower.
There is a green zone on the RPM meter, if you start the race while the needle is in the green zone
you will start faster. Tap your gas pedal while being in the green zone waiting for race to start.


Air Time will get you coins, so keep your vehicle in air for as long as possible.
Wheelies and Flips will also reward you with coins.
Tricks are not necessary for winning in Cup mode, so if you do tricks remember to land parallel to the ground.

Upgrading your vehicle(s)

Best way to upgrade a vehicle is to upgrade everything balanced. So dont upgrade only the engine thinking you will be fast and you’ll win. Thats not the case. If you have powerfull engine
but no grip to the ground, you will not move at those hills. So make your upgrades balanced.
Also, if available, upgrade for free by watching ads. It’s not that hard to watch a 15 – 20 second video
to get your upgrades for free.

Engine – upgrade engine to develop higher speeds and bigger momentum

Tires – upgrade tires to have better grip allowing the engine to maximize its power

Suspension – upgrade suspension to have better stability and control of your vehicle

Awd – upgrade your all wheel drive system so it can communicate better between the tires and the engine

See the list of all vehicles coming to the game.

Break to win

While the break itself is not really a brake but the reverse gear pedal we will refer to it as a break
because at the and it does help you to stop :).
Don’t be afraid to tap on the break here and there. Break before uphill so that you will have the right speed to go uphill. Also the break can prevent you from flipping over. Don’t just tap on gas pedal like a mad man.

Going uphill

When driving uphill your logic suggests to tap the gas and not to think about the break.
However when you’re going up the steep hill, at the top you can flip over, so our kind advice is to press that
break just a moment before you are at the top. Break is important as we said already.

Going downhill

While you can coast downhill and save fuel, just read this and evaluate for yourself is that the way you want to play.
Lets say you are going uphill and you make it, its all good and you coast to the bottom saving fuel and all that…

But, when you press the brake on the top of the hill and immediatly touch the ground on the downhill part of the hill then
pressing throttle you will gain much higher speed than coasting. Before you say you will waste your fuel, think about this.
You will go alot faster meaning you will reach that fuel canister quicker. Amirite or amirite? But try it yourself and see
if it works :).

Cups and Prizes

Fill up 3 prize slots by winning cups and earning chests.
Open chests for free by watching ads when available.

Win to get medals for unlocking red prizes
Wait for the timer to open blue prizes

Finish 1st or 2nd to increase your league lvl.
Higher the league lvl more vehicles you can unlock.

Check out our Ranks and Rewards guide.