Injustice 2 Mobile Beginners Guide

Injustice 2 is a new competitive fighting game on Android and iOS. This is a beginner friendly guide for anyone trying to get serious into Injustice 2.

General Injustice 2 Tips

A few quick tips:

  • Gems (purple) are always for Hero Chests! Even when you get your first 3+ Star Hero, you should rethink spending them elsewhere
  • Second use of Gems is upgrading Operations at least to Level 12
  • You get assigned a random name at login, change it by clicking your name in the top part
  • You should have un-claimed rewards in your inbox, claim them
  • The basic trash (available on launch) is pretty bad, avoid it
  • You can block by placing 2 fingers on the screen at once

And now some more in depth tips:

  • Threat is your strength metric, but you don’t want more threat for your team in every scenario, especially in the Arena!
  • There are combos in this game, but they haven’t been completely researched. Current understanding is the following:
    • Jump Attack can’t be combo-ed in
    • Most combos either start with 3 taps or have 3 taps inside
  • Known combos
    • 3 taps + rush attack
    • 3 taps + sweep
    • Rush attaack + 3 taps + sweep
    • 3 taps + rush attack + 3 taps + sweep

Injustice 2 Tips for combat

Rush attacks are unsafe generally. Be very careful while using them, as it can often lead to more damage than utility.  On some characters rush attacks and jump attacks are unsafe EVEN ON HIT. This means that if you end your rush attack combo with a rush attack the opponent gets in for free. Sweep is safe on block.

Some characters have push-back on block from their rush attack, these characters can still be punished by a rush attack from their opponent.

Remember to hold back – after you’re comboing, DO NOT press on the attack like crazy. You will get hurt.

On the flip side, if you got mashed by your opponent, feel free to press on the attack as you are in the safe zone completely. Our advice is to go for a 3 tap.