Unbreakable Cyborg | Injustice 2 Mobile

Name Unbreakable Cyborg
Class Tech
Health 792
Damage 161
Abilities Resurrection

Upon KO, Cyborg revives himself to 15% Health. Max once per battle.


Powered Drain 1.2 Bars, 161 damage

Sonic Blast

10% Stun chance, 241 damage

Total Meltdown

Unlocks at 3 * rating, knocks back, high damage output


Cyborg in Injustice 2 Mobile is a typical glass cannon: high damage output with low health. However, Cyborg’s passive makes it possible for him to resurrect to a certain % of HP. Cyborg’s abilities are not team, but survival, oriented.

Usage tips

Use Cyborg as a specialists in your team, or as a burster. You don’t have a lot of space for mistakes when using the Injustice 2 Cyborg and you should be extra careful with resurrection.

As a specialists, Cyborg can easily annihilate your opponents “bar strategy” with it’s EMP ability. As a specialists, you should rotate Cyborg to control the bar damage output of your opponents and prevent them from using high bar moves.

As a burster, Cyborg can effectively burn down your opponents HP pool, but it’s likely he will die in the process. Focus on Sonic Blast and Meltdown if used as a burster.


Upon KO, Cyborg revives himself to X% Health. Max once per battle.

  • Level 1  15% gained on resurrection
  • Level 2  17.5% gained on resurrection
  • Level 3  20% gained on resurrection
  • Level 4  22.5% gained on resurrection
  • Level 5  25% gained on resurrection

Cyborg Gear

  • Head – Cyber Eye +X% Defense
  • Torso – Chest +X Health
  • Arms – Arms +X Attack
  • Legs – Boots +X Attack
  • Equipment – Plasma Cannon +X Critical Attack Chance