Lords Mobile Colosseum

This guide is part 4 of the Lords Mobile Master Guide, the definitive Lords Mobile guide for Advanced players.

The best heroes for Colosseum or “arena”

The best heroes are situational to the current Meta. In Kingdom 4, top 50 rank, the meta for top defense is 3 tanks, 1 healer, and an “AoE crowd control” hero (large area stuns or confusion). The three best heroes for tanking depend on the current grade of the hero.

A hero at legendary grade is going to be stronger than any hero at common or uncommon grade of equal level. A hero’s grade (The color of the border around the hero) affects the overall strength and defense of the hero because it changes base stats gained per hero level. Keep in mind that the majority of damaging attacks to your enemy will cause them to generate excess MP, which is the bar that fills in order to cast Ultimate skills. For example, if you have a hero hitting a Prima Donna, she is going to heal everyone else a lot faster than normal.

This is why heroes with weak AOE skills are not as effective in Colosseum.  Castle Clash players should know this inherently.

Tips to determine the current meta and counter it

Currently the best three tanks for a defense lineup in the Kingdom 4 meta are Big Guy, Rose Knight, and Child of Light. The most commonly used healer is Prima Donna, I would suggest obtaining hero shards for her daily.

For offense, there is less of a meta. You can think of offense as “countering” the opposing team’s defense, considering you can see their composition, hero levels, rank and grade before you attack. My advice is to replay the defenses in Colosseum that you have lost, to see and learn what others are using against you. Adapt those ideas into your offensive build and you will be successful.

Keep in mind, if you can utilize heroes in Colosseum that also have useful Battle Skills for war, you will be killing two birds with one stone. Efficiency is the key to this game.

Heroes with honorable mention for Colosseum (free heroes + my opinion)


  • Tracker – (strong aoe, cc, crit) #1 long range physical dps
  • Incinerator – (strong aoe, cc, high dmg) #1 long range magic dps


  • Trickster – (strong aoe, cc, high dmg) seeing the pattern yet?


  • Death Knight – (revive, cc, high dmg) #1 defense tank


  • Rose Knight – (dmg absorb, dmg reduction, heal) #2 defense tank
  • Child of Light – (dmg absorb, aoe cc) #3 defense tank
  • Oath Keeper – (dmg absorb, hp regen, aoe cc) #4 defense tank