Lords Mobile End Game: War General vs Bruiser

This guide is part 1 of the Lords Mobile Master Guide, the definitive Lords Mobile guide for Advanced players.

The End Game Meta Decision

You must determine as a new or old player, what type of end-game you are setting as your goal. Making this decision early on will give you proper direction for all aspects of progression. Before getting into specifics, let’s define the current end-game builds.

You certainly don’t need to copy these builds exactly, but they are designed to be the strongest and most efficient. I have included in-depth guides for each build. There are currently two Meta builds. These two types of players will compose your guild, and they must work together to make your guild strong.

I have nicknamed them War General and Bruiser. Listed below are some loosely defined qualities and priorities of each type:

War General

  • Builds an infinite army (3 mil+)
  • Ideal for cash players
  • Military research priority
  • Risky progression (Can lose all troops if careless)
  • Strong guilds need at least one
  • Battle Hall 25
  • Army and troop strength priority
  • Troop training speed priority
  • Hosts rallies for guild wars


  • Builds a limited army (~400k)
  • Ideal for free-to-play
  • Safe progression
  • Monster Hunting research priority
  • Infirmary and Resource priority
  • “Core-might” priority for well-rounded strength
  • Assists the guild General with troops for rallies

War General

Every guild will need at least one General. The General’s end game goal is to have an army so large and powerful, their castle defense becomes unbeatable. Enemies will suicide their troops and their might to try to take down your massive army guarding your castle. This build takes an extremely long time to develop, so if you are a free-to-play player, or don’t plan on playing this game for a very long time, skip ahead to the Bruiser build guide.

War Generals are the guild members who host the rallies, as their stats are applied to the entire reinforced army. This build is the ideal end-game goal because no rally will be able to rescue the leaders you have captured. This allows you to terrorize your opponents and feel invincible with your constant prisoner buffs.

Until you reach the end-game state of General, you must stay safe and avoid setbacks. This is a fairly long and complicated process. You will reach certain points in army size on your way to millions that will change your strategy of protecting yourself.

Beginning stage (Castle 1-16, player level 1-45, up to 1.5 mil Might)

  • Rush to research Tier 3 infantry

The primary goal of early game General (or arguably any build) is to rush Tier 3 troops. This means rushing to Castle 17, Academy 17, and focusing your talents on construction and research. Any extra talent points should go into extra resource production, you will not be able to use troop training talents effectively along with construction and research until level 45+

  • Build 7 Lumber Mills, 7 Mines, 3 Quarries, and 1 Farm (All skirmishes cleared)

Ore and Wood are more important than Stone for a long while during progression. This is because the infantry troop type does not require stone to train. Infantry is your primary troop type for early and mid-game due to their high gathering capacity. No matter what build, only construct 1 Farm. More details of why are in chapter V. If you have already built a different number of buildings, it is not worth demolishing and rebuilding. Simply adjust your talent points for the desired production amount.

  • Build only Manors

In the beginning, your shelter will be your only tool for keeping your troops safe. As a General, you will never build more than one of each Barracks or Infirmary until you are in the very late stages of this build. Keep your troops sheltered 24/7. When your troop-count outgrows your shelter capacity, you can use mock-rallies to hide additional troops. These are 8 hour “fake” rallies against friendly targets that you will treat as an additional shelter. They must be cancelled before the 8 hour time limit or they will attack. These rallies replace the need for infirmaries for this type of build. Infirmaries are also a bad investment early on because you will inevitability get to a point in army size where it would be impossible to cover the entire army (millions) as a War General.

Mid-game stage (Castle 17-24, player level 46-59, 1.5 mil might to 50 mil might)

  • Most important and time-consuming stage

It should only take you about 30-45 days of free play to reach this stage. It will take a very long time to transition into end-game from here. Only upgrade your castle under one of two conditions: Your manors are max level, or your Academy needs an upgrade to research further for military. Remember, only have one of each barracks and infirmary. Build manors in every other available spot and max them out as priority.

  • Talent point priority (Research/Construction/Training)

In that order. Research speed is most important for Generals in mid to late game. You want to research everything military related. Once they become too expensive, research the other categories for faster progression such as monster hunter and economy resource production.

  • Build army capacity Gear and start gathering resources

The army capacity stat increases the amount of resources a single troop can gather. Use all of the troops you have accumulated so far to farm resources. Do not specialize in gathering speed for talents, as gathering should be treated as an extra bonus to your production. Never gather while offline, if your troops die while gathering they are permanently dead.

  • Move to a neutral guild or use all gems and guild coins for 24/7 shield coverage

If you want to progress most efficiently, find a spot in a neutral guild in a safe area. Alliances with stronger guilds are key to staying safe. If this is not an option for you, you must spend gems and guild coins for 24/7 shield coverage. This is very expensive, so avoiding it is very beneficial. War will end up setting you back unless you are severely resource starved. It is always best avoided if possible. Sometimes it is not avoidable due to the nature of a war game, so you must spend guild coins on talent resets to beef your army up when the time is right to defend yourself and your guild.

You will reach a point of army size where only a guild rally would be successful against you. The largest army attack from a single person is roughly 250k. You can boost this amount by 20% or 50% Once you have double that amount, you can rest assured you will not be attacked by a single person. At this point you no longer need to shield while online. If a guild rallies you, you will have at-least 5 minutes to react. That gives you time to recall troops and throw up a shield.

  • Spend gems on upgrading Embassy and Battle Hall

The gems leftover from keeping yourself safe should be invested into materials to upgrade your war buildings – Embassy and Battle Hall. These two buildings will end up being your most important ones, increasing the size of your offensive rallies, and increasing the amount of reinforcement you can receive from your guild. Their upgrades require a hefty amount of gems.

  • Start focusing on the min-maxing aspect of Lords

At this stage of the game you will start focusing on crafting the strong accessories for Research and Construction. Make a set of each, and equip them before you start a long research or construction. Do not build the hybrid items. Once the task is started, they can be unequipped. Start crafting gear that boosts your army strength with the spare materials left over from Capacity gear and Research and Construction accessories. The last bit of min-maxing is jewel placement. I will go into more detail on which stats are best, and common misconceptions when it comes to these stats at the end of this guide in chapter V.

Late-game stage (Castle 25, player level 60, 100 mil+ might, 3 mil+ troops)

  • Fully max military research
  • Finish every building to level 25
  • Slowly replace all Manors with Level 25 Infirmaries for 5% Max HP buff each

The Bruiser

The Bruiser build will be the most popular build in Lords. It’s much faster to achieve than General, and the player can always change their mind and work towards General later on. It is also far more suited to the free-to-play player, as you will have months and years worth of upgrades for construction and research.

The key to this build is to only train as many troops as your shelter and infirmary can hold, while progressing on your construction and research. Your object will be to build the strongest “Core Might” (Buildings, Research, and Player levels) rather than focusing on mass-producing troops and troop producing speed.

You will need to produce a strong amount of resources per hour mainly for infirmary upgrades and healing your wounded troops. Bruisers will be highly effective weapons with little to lose during times of war.

Beginning stage (Castle 1-16, player level 1-45, up to 1.5 mil Might)

  • Rush to research Tier 3 infantry

Just like for the General build, I suggest rushing for Tier 3 infantry as priority for all resources. These troops will be a great asset to gathering resources, as they are the most efficient in terms of capacity and battle effectiveness. Rushing this means using all available speedups and gems to unlock the Royal Guard as soon as possible.

  • 1 Barracks, 7 Infirmaries, 9 Manors

The most important building for a Bruiser is the infirmary. It is crucial that you keep your troop size below your max infirmary capacity and your max shelter capacity combined. It may seem overkill to have so many Infirmaries, but 7 is the magic number for max offensive army size coverage at late game stages. Your infirmaries will cover about 280 soldiers.

  • X/Y/Z Quarry / Lumber Mill / Mines (+Farm)

Do not seek an answer for the perfect setup for these resource types. New players tend to focus on this way too importantly. The best ratio of these buildings is entirely situational. You are better off making your own decision based off of these facts:

  • Wood and Stone are produced at a higher rate per building than Ore.
  • Food is produced the most.
  • Food will not go negative, and food does not affect troops
  • Resource production from buildings is treated as “base” stats. Your talent points, gear, and hero skills are direct multipliers of your base production.


  • Start crafting army capacity gear ASAP

Gathering is the name of the game for early Bruisers until progressed well into mid-game. Wear the capacity gear so you can get more resources out of your relatively small troop count. Capacity is very useful for early and mid-game progression. The capacity boots are the best to build first.

  • Talent point priority (Construction/Research/Gather Speed)

In that order. This will apply throughout most of your early-game progression. Upgrading Infirmaries are expensive resource wise, you will need to generate a lot of them. In the beginning of this stage, you will gather a lot faster than you produce.

Mid-game stage (Castle 17-24, player level 46-59, 1.5 mil might to 50 mil might)

  • Most important and time-consuming stage

It should only take you about 30-45 days of free play to reach this stage. It will take a fairly long time to transition into end-game from here. Only upgrade your castle under one condition: Resource buildings are max level. By resource buildings I’m even including manors. If you find yourself at a higher castle level than your resource buildings, stop constructing towards a higher castle level and start upgrading all your resource buildings to max.

  • Talent point priority (Construction/Research/Resource Production)

Once you catch up all of your resource buildings to level 17, change your talents from gathering to resource production lower on the talent tree. The stronger your resource buildings are, the most effective your talent points become. Also, use guild coins to buy 7 day resource production boosts. From this point on, Gathering should be treated as a bonus instead of a priority. This will take the stress away from the vulnerability of sending troops to gather. You should aim to generate ~100k/hr of each resource

  • Start crafting Research and Construction accessories

Train two of each Lunar Flute and Sentinel Circlet. Equip them before a construction or a research. Once the task is started, the item can be unequipped.

  • Research all Tier 3 troops

Once you’re Castle 17, upgrade the Academy to 17 as well. From there, focus on training all Tier 3 troops. Start with the Royal Guard, as he is most useful for gathering capacity. Once you start building troops for army strength, having equal numbers of each troop is a safe army composition. Stop training troops if your Infirmaries + Shelter capacity cannot hold your entire army. If you are attacked, those extra troops will die permanently instead of being wounded. After all Tier 3 are unlocked, evenly research all categories.

Late-game stage (Castle 25, player level 60, 100 mil+ might, 3 mil+ troops)

Now the real fun begins! You can attack hives of weaker players without fear of losing your army from an enemy who relocates next to you and attacks faster than you can react (ninja attack).

If you end up getting attacked and your army is sent to your infirmary, take a step back for a day and heal your troops. It is quite expensive to heal 280k troops, this is why you need strong core resource buildings.