Lords Mobile Facts and misconceptions

This guide is part 6 of the Lords Mobile Master Guide, the definitive Lords Mobile guide for Advanced players.

Do my troops die if my food upkeep becomes negative and I hit 0 food?

No. You will need to use food items from your bag when you upgrade or train anything. This is part of the game and it’s been confirmed this was not a design flaw. When you run out, you will need to gather food.

My leader was captured, so what?

When your leader is captured, you lose all talent point benefits until it is returned. This is the most common set back new players deal with. This is why IGG changed the capture limit to a few hours instead of 3 days for castle levels under 17.

Is there a limit to how many troops my castle can hold?

No, Unlimited. That is why the War General build is recommended.

What should I spend gems on? Guild coins?


Gems – VIP until 8 (auto complete quests)

Speedups until Tier 3 troops researched

Max Treasure trove deposit (10k gems at level 1 Treasure Trove)

4th Priority is situational to your build and current progression.

Guild Coins – Talent resets, Relocators, and shields if necessary. Once your resource buildings are high level, start buying 7 day resource production boosts.

Are traps any good?

Traps are virtually useless unless your wall has been a large focal point of your upgrades. There are many more important research upgrades to focus on, so I would not suggest this until you are min-maxing for late game full completion. Until then, traps are merely useless. Archer towers seem to be most effective. This may change

Which army buffs are best?

Army hp % is by far the best stat increase. This should be your priority stat which greatly benefits your front line of Infantry and Cavalry. Army atk % is valued almost equally with Army def %. Keep this in mind when choosing which hero shards to sweep for, with your precious and limited stamina.

Do buffs to your “army” include the troops defending your castle?

Yes. Keep in mind army defense is a lot weaker than army hp by comparison.

What are hero battle skills?

Passive skills acquired from heroes deployed in your army. They only apply when in your army deployment, or when defending your castle (unlike administration skills which are globally active). The army max HP buff is by far the strongest, and what you should aim for when sweeping for shards. My lineup is: Big Guy, Oath Keeper, Demon Slayer, Child of Light, and Rose Knight. Look at their battle skills and you will understand why.

* The maximum size of a guild rally is 2,000,000 troops + the host’s army size. With a max level Embassy you can receive up to 1,000,000 troops from your guild-mates in the event of an enemy rally on your turf.