Lords Mobile Hero Stages

This guide is part 3 of the Lords Mobile Master Guide, the definitive Lords Mobile guide for Advanced players.

Difficult stages and how to defeat them

During the early to mid-game stages of progression, you are going to feel as if you fly through all fights easily and all of a sudden hit a brick wall. This is the way the chapter system was designed, you are most likely not making any mistakes. Hero level and Hero gear greatly affect the outcome of these chapter battles. It is very easy to keep your hero team at maximum levels at all times from sweeping food and monster hunts. If you are frustrated because you cannot beat a level, my advice is to use your stamina to sweep for available hero shards for a few days until your player level increases and give it another shot. You don’t spend any stamina if you lose a chapter level.

Effective team compositions for progression through chapters

If you are free-to-play, Oath keeper and Prima Donna will be your two core Heroes. You will use them from the start of the game, all the way until end game. These heroes are very strong at their roles (Tank and Healer) and remain useful in most aspects of the game outside of chapters. The three remaining spots for heroes is primarily personal preference. The most efficient choice to make, is to use and shard sweep for heroes that are also useful outside of chapters, such as heroes that benefit your army greatly from Battle Skills, or heroes that are very well-rounded in the Colosseum.