Lords Mobile Resources Farming

This guide is part 2 of the Lords Mobile Master Guide, the definitive Lords Mobile guide for Advanced players.

The most important resource buildings

I want to make it clear that there is no “perfect answer” when it comes down to priority for resources buildings. Depending on your situation (End-game goal and current progression) you should be shaping your resource buildings to meet your needs.

For example, If you are are building a War General and plan on building a massive army, feel free to put off upgrading your resource buildings so you may improve your more important manors for the time being. If you are building a Bruiser, upgrading all of your resource buildings is going to be a top priority. Bruisers require more resources than Generals, because upgrading Infirmaries and healing troops gets very expensive.

Efficiently constructing resource buildings

When upgrading resource buildings, it is hard to make a mistake. Producing extra resources will rarely be a bad idea. If you find yourself low on resources while upgrading your resource buildings, choose to upgrade the building type of which you have the least resource. For example, if your wood is running low, focus on upgrading your Lumber Mills as the upgrade will cost no wood.

Alternative means of obtaining resources

Resources can be purchased with gems. Never spend a gem on resources. Spending a gem on resources is the most inefficient action anyone could take in this game.  If you happen to run out of resources, you have plenty of options such as gathering while online, asking guild mates for supplies, or buying cash packs. If you have a strong army, you can attack weaker player hives for their resources as well.