Lords Mobile Talent Points

This guide is part 5 of the Lords Mobile Master Guide, the definitive Lords Mobile guide for Advanced players.

Talent points are the most versatile means of gaining benefits for all aspects of progression and strength. If you aim to be efficient, plan on resetting your talents and changing them to best fit your current situation fairly often.

The cheapest means of getting a talent reset is purchasing with 90k guild coins. I would never suggest spending gems for resetting your talents, which means you should have a few of the resets tucked away at all times in the event of an emergency.

  • There are two paths of the talent tree, Military and Economy
  • The Economy tree will be priority for every player under level 45 (while safe)

Every player’s situation will be different depending on variables such as where their guild hive is located, which resource nodes are primary available, how often guild members help by sending resources, and how the player built their ratio of resource buildings on available building slots. Adjust your available talent points to meet your needs, if you read the tooltips this should be self explanatory. Construction and Research should be taken as priority for all players of any builds.

  • A mix of the Military tree and Economy tree will be used for level 45+ (while safe)

Once you reach level 45, you will have enough talent points to obtain Training Speed I & II in the Military tree, as well as Research and Construction I & II in the Economy tree. This will allow you to progress at maximum efficiency, as long as you have the resources you need. Use gathering along with capacity gear to make sure you have enough resources to meet your needs. If you are building Bruiser, remember to make your resource building upgrades a priority due to the high cost of your infirmary upgrades.


  • Uh oh, your guild is under attack and you want to fight!


It is inevitable you will find yourself in a situation where you need to make your army as strong as possible and send them to battle. Just like all pieces of advice, the talent points you want to choose in an event like this are going to be partly situational.

  • Squad Health II is the hands down strongest talent for attacking and defending. Squad Defense II is the second strongest 50 points to spend.
  • Squad Offense I is the strongest 5 points you can spend
  • “Troop” Offense III should be maxed out fully before the II and I talents.
  • Which “Offensive” (+attack damage) talents you choose, should be determined by your army composition and your enemy’s army composition. Hopefully, that information is available to you.

*Remember, your leader must be deployed in your army for your talents to affect your troops. This also goes for guild rallies and the players who host them.*