Smashy Road: Wanted Tips and Tricks

The goal of the game is to last as long as you can.

There are three controls:

  • Left (touch the left hand side of your phone or tablet )
  • Right (touch the right hand side of your phone or tablet )
  • Reverse ( hold left and right at the same time )

As your score gets higher you gain more wanted stars. There are a total of six stars, with each additional star you acquire, more and different police vehicles appear

  • 1 wanted star: police cars
  • 2 wanted stars: helicopters and road blocks
  • 3 wanted stars: swat jeeps
  • 4 wanted stars: swat jeep road blocks
  • 5 wanted stars: military jeeps and helicopters
  • 6 wanted stars: tanks

Try to avoid:

  • Gas trucks ( they explode and throw you in the air spinning, and you can land sideways or on the roof and then it’s game over )
  • Walls
  • Corners ( the police can get behind you and arrest you )
  • Road blocks

There are many terrains in the game like roads, sand, dirt etc… But the easiest way of dividing them is:

  • Road
  • Off road

Some vehicles are better on road like: Orange, Mr Mini, Hot Rod, Speedy, Pure Power, Hot Chill, Old Epic, F1, Time Machine ( DeLorean ), And some are better off road like: Rallyman, Quad, Overthetop, Buggy, The Flipper. With time you can master any car of your choosing and play just that car, it’s entirely up to you.


You can destroy police vehicles with your car by smashing into them hence the name of the game Smashy road. Each car has a different Health and Speed stat which you can check out on our List of cars.