Best Super Mario Run Character

Rank Character Role
1 Luigi Tour/Rally
2 Mario Tour/Rally
3 Peach Rally Mode (ghost houses)
Toad Rally (regular levels)
Yoshi Desert stages

Generally, Luigi for everything, Tour and Rally. Can jump higher and stall for longer than Mario, but also retains Mario’s ability to survive more than one hit with a mushroom.

Peach for ghost houses on Rally mode. Ghost houses require more planning and thinking quickly on your feet. Peach, with her slower walk speed, and the ability to maneuver around space easier with her float ability makes her perfect for ghost house runs.

Yoshi for desert stages. Yoshi’s ability to bounce on spikes make him perfect for dealing with Pokeys and those things that barf up spike balls. Yoshi’s flutter jump also makes it easier to quickly bypass slower platform sections.

Toad for the regular plains levels in Toad Rally. Due to the level’s straightforward nature, Toad’s speed allows you to play more of the level, thus having opportunity to get more coins.