Super Mario Run Internet Connection Guide

As Super Mario Run requires an always ON Internet connection, it’s interesting to see what actions are possible and what actions are not possible while you’re offline.

Surprisingly, the game is well designed around losing connectivity and while it does not allow you to be started offline, you can keep on playing even if you disconnect in the middle of a level.

The only negative aspect of always being connected is the fact you can’t use the app in any sensible way if you’re traveling or in a low/not reliable connectivity area.

Things you CAN do without a connection

  • Keep playing
    • Lose connection (or turn on airplane mode) in the middle of a level and keep playing without issue. It’ll load each new screen just fine. You get stopped at the end of the level after touching the flagpole, and it won’t let you “complete” the level and return to the level select screen until you have a data connection.
  • Move from the hub world to the “Tour” level select screen.
  • Access the Notebook from the menu and all info stored there.
  • Open your Friends list, but you need a connection to do anything with it (accept, link, invite, add).
  • Click the Tent in the center of the screen to pull up the “A Kingdom Past” picture without a connection.

Things you CAN NOT do without a connection

  • Start the app and get past the first loading screen (meaning everything listed above as what you can do without a connection is pretty much pointless… just mildly interesting).
  • Select a level from the level select screen.
  • Move from the hub world to the Toad Rally selection screen. This one makes sense considering it’s online competition with other players.
  • Access Settings from the menu.
  • Open or check gift boxes.
  • Accept, link, invite, or add within the Friends menu
  • Check notifications
  • Access My Nintendo