Super Mario Run Tips and Tricks

  1. You can restart a level at any time, as many times you want!
    Super Mario Run doesn’t have any limits on how many times you can attempt a level.If at any time you feel you want to restart (maybe you’re out of bubbles and just missed a Purple Coin), you can do so by clicking the pause button in the top left!
  2. You can manually activate Bubbles!
    Activating Bubbles will move you back in the level, but it will not restart the whole level. The Bubble flies backwards as long as you let it take you.Notes: 
    – Going back consumes one Bubble permanently
    – You retain all powerups and form changes you had while traveling back
  3. You can unlock Toad for free by connecting to My Nintendo
    My Nintendo is a free rewards program ran and organized by Nintendo. Registering and linking your account results in unlocking Toad for free!
  4. Different characters have different strengths and weakness
    For example, Toad can’t use mushrooms, but is much faster than Mario. Similar differences exists among all Run characters.
  5. You can get Toad recolors in new stages of Toad Rally!
    You select your opponent while entering the Rally, which results in a Rally stage encounter. You can unlock more stages (and thus, more Toad colors) by progressing through the World Tour!
  6. Enemies level up when you defeat enough of the same type!
    You have probably already noticed, but enemies level up after you defeat a set number of one type. Leveled up enemies yield more coins in Toad Rally encounters.
  7. You can defeat Boos by doing a backflip over them
  8. You can defeat Piranha Plants by using a Shell or Invincibility Star
  9.  You have different controls – Small Jump, High Jump, Parkour stunts and Pause Blocks:
  • Small Jump – Tap once on the screen
  • High Jump – Tap and Hold the screen for some time.
  • Jump and Spin – Tap and Hold the screen for a while and then Tap again when Mario is in air.
  • Jump and Flip – Tap on the screen for jump and when Mario is about to fall on any edge tap once again.
  • Wall Reverse Jump – Tap when Mario is about to hit a Wall.
  • Reverse Jump – Tap the screen for some time for a high jump then swipe left, you will remain in the air for some time and then you can go back a bit.
  • Pause Block – You can jump on a pause red block to wait for a while and checkout the area ahead, plan and then start jumping.

Credit for initial FAQ goes to /r/SuperMarioRun subreddit. You guys rock!