Hey. I’ve been overly requested to make this thread… so here it is. So you want a refund?

Reasons for getting a refund:

  • Not receiving gems or content.
  • Disliking the nerfs and changes GH is shoving through regardless of community out lash.
  • Spending gems on features that were heavily nerfed, with no compensation to the player.
  • Spending money on features that limited your ability to collect premium currency with no foreseeable compensation.

… Got it?

So, Listen up.

We’ll be using something called “Apple live chat” to get refunded within 48 hours. Essentially this support feature of Apple hooks you up to a support representative within minutes.

Here’s a link to Apple’s Support Page.

But before we go to live chat, we require one thing… Purchase IDs. These are what make purchases distinctive and can be used to single out purchases.

Purchase IDs can be found within the email receipt apple sends each time you buy something, or if you delete them… use Apple’s “Report a problem” to look up the details. “Report a problem” Link

Yes… I know that’s a pretty scary link, I don’t know why it’s so damn long. Go look up “Apple report a problem” if you’re paranoid.

Ok… so now that we have our very important purchase IDs… we can go over to live chat now.

Fill out the form, wait a few minutes, and you’ll get hooked up with a representative.

Tell them exactly why you want a refund, and give the purchase IDs when asked. Ie… If you haven’t received gems, tell them you haven’t received the content you paid for in X days, and so forth (cough *Holiday pack* cough).

I personally got a refund because I didn’t like these new changes, as it’s not what I paid for. Along with the fact they nerfed an item I paid for by approximately 10x and offered no compensation whatsoever.

If at some point you’re asked if you went to the developer, tell the truth. The truth that Game Hive has lackluster support that copy and pastes messages, without thoughtful reply, and whom won’t offer real help. I get that they have thousands of players flooding in, but this is unacceptable regardless.

The live chat agent, depending on who you get, should have you done in about 5-10 minutes.

Just remember,

If at any point you need more help, message me at /u/TheDragonic on reddit.

Good luck guys and gals.